Online Therapy

For many people with anxiety and stress, busy lives can get in the way of having the therapy they need. Did you know that you can access the therapy that will help you overcome your difficulties from home? I offer online therapy sessions, so that you can create and live the life you want, enjoy what is important to you and be the person you want to be, without long commutes and minimum disruption to your schedule.

There is no evidence that online therapy is less effective than face to face. Some people prefer online sessions as they can be easier to fit with a busy schedule, if you don’t find a therapist you like locally or if you cannot physically go to see a therapist. 

Some people are concerned that online therapy may feel less personal and authentic than in person. However, by using a few strategies, we can recreate the all the elements that are important in a therapeutic relationship. This is why more and more people are choosing online therapy over face to face.

Find out more about how people have benefited from CBT, ACT and EMDR online therapy.